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Bobcat Utility Vehicles (UTVs)

Bobcat® utility vehicles deliver what you need most: industry-leading payload, uncompromising comfort and dependable performance to push through your most challenging work. Whether you’re at the jobsite working to meet a tight deadline or at home doing chores on your property, you’ll take on the most demanding tasks without breaking a sweat.

Our UTV Models

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Choose from two different utility vehicle classes for every project need. View the different options for your application below to get more information.

UV34 – Gas

Whether you need a UTV to haul materials on the jobsite or tow heavy trailers and equipment on your acreage, the Bobcat® 39.9-hp UV34 utility vehicle is the right choice for your toughest jobs. The 1,000cc, two-cylinder SOHC engine is designed for maximum durability and reliability for challenging conditions, delivering the high-performance power you need with gas-engine convenience.

UV34XL – Gas

When you need to haul more materials, tow heavier loads and transport more people, the UV34XL does it all. This 39.9-hp utility vehicle, also known as a side-by-side UTV, offers seating for six people and includes a 1,000cc, two-cylinder SOHC engine that delivers high-performance power, maximum reliability, durability, plus gas-engine convenience.

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