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DX140LCR-5 Crawler Excavator

For reduced machine length and added maneuverability, choose the DX140LCR-5. Its shorter tail swing profile helps you work in confined areas without sacrificing performance. The DX140LCR-5 is ideal for roadways, railroad rights of way, bridge areas and urban jobsites.

109.4 hp @ 2,000 rpm

Rated Power, Net

34,987 lb

Operating Weight

19' 7"

Dig Depth

Key Specifications

More control. Better productivity. An optional two-way dozer blade simplifies backfilling and allows the excavator to fill, smooth and level trenches more efficiently. When cleaning up, a smooth cutting edge on the bucket allows you to clean right up to the edge of the dozer blade, reducing further cleanup later. Plus, the dozer blades’ robust design allows for moderate site grading, reducing the need for other equipment to complete the task. Smart Power Control (SPC) improves machine efficiency while maintaining productivity through variable speed control and pump torque control. Each of the four power modes will function with SPC engaged or disengaged, however SPC only is active in the digging work mode. Auto shutdown helps owners save fuel while the machine isn't working.
Reduce operating cost. Designed for long life with an extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure, the DX140LCR-5 is built for reliability. Bushings and ultra hard wear disks are designed for extended service intervals and steady performance. The permanently sealed and lubricated track links maximize uptime and reduce operating costs. The standard 7 in. color LCD monitor shows machine information, including operation history, flow rate control and filter/oil information. It also displays video from the rear-view camera, which is uniquely placed to give you better visibility to blind spots. A split screen mode enables you to see critical machine information and the camera simultaneously.
Main Pump: Displacement 3.48 in³/rev
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Normal) 4,694 psi
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Boost) 4,978 psi
Main Pump: Max. Flow Rate (each) 30.12 gal/min
Main Pump: Main Relief Pressure --


Upper Rollers: Quantity Per Side 1
Lower Rollers: Quantity Per Side 7
Track Length 12' 3"
Track Link: Track Gauge 6' 6"
Swing Performance: Max Swing Torque 34718 lbf·ft
Swing Performance: Max Swing Speed (At Efficiency) 10.65 rpm
Travel performance: Traction Force (Highest Value) 904,487 lbf @ 100
Travel performance: Traveling Speed - Low (XXX/) 1.74 mph
Travel performance: Traveling Speed - High (/XXX) 2.92 mph
Travel performance: Gradeability 70°
Max Digging Reach (Ground) 27' 11"
Max Digging Depth 19' 7"
Max Loading Height 23' 2"
Arm Digging Force - Pressure up 1,349 lbf
Bucket Digging Force - Pressure up 2,495 lbf
Arm Digging Force - Normal 1,259 lbf
Fuel Tank 55.48 gal
Hydraulic System 42.53 gal
Engine Coolant 6.6 gal
Engine Oil 2.11 gal
Hydraulic Tank 34.34 gal
Lifting Capacity over front @ Horizontal Distance - 10 ft Above Ground 10,320 lb @ 15 ft
Lifting Capacity over front @ Horizontal Distance - Ground Level 12,000 lb @ 15 ft
Lifting Capacity over front @ Horizontal Distance - 10 ft Below Ground 11,800 lb @ 15 ft


Rated Flywheel Power (Gross) 115.2 hp @ 2,000 rpm
Rated Horse Power (Net) 109.4 hp @ 2,000 rpm
Max. Torque (Net) 369 lbf·ft @ 1,400 rpm
Engine Emissions Tier (EPA) T4


Operating Weight 34,987 lb
Standard Boom Length 15.09 ft
Standard Arm Length 9.84 ft
Standard Bucket Size 0.51 yd³
Shoe Width 1' 11"
Shipping Height - Hose (With Attachment) 10' 3"
Shipping Length (Without Attachment) 24' 0"
Shipping Width (Standard) 8' 5"
Overall Height Over Cab 9' 3"

DX140LCR-5 Crawler Excavator

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