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DX190W-7 Wheel Excavator

The DX190W-7 makes travel easier when working on bridges and roadways or in urban areas. Superior hydraulics deliver the powerful digging force you need to move more material. Use the one-touch power boost feature to momentarily amplify hydraulic power for digging into tough material.

159.6 hp @ 1,900 rpm

Rated Power, Net

46,187 lb

Operating Weight

18' 9"

Dig Depth

Key Specifications

Fuel-Efficient With Smart Technologies The Smart Power Control (SPC) and Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS) help maximize productivity while reducing fuel consumption. Four selectable power modes include an Economy mode. Engine auto shutdown saves fuel and helps lower warranty hours. Auto idle helps reduce fuel usage and reduces noise to enhance jobsite communications.Optimized to provide more power output with reduced fuel consumption, Doosan® wheel excavators are designed with Tier 4-compliant diesel engines to reduce emissions.DoosanCONNECT® Telematics helps you keep your machine running at peak performance by reminding you about scheduled maintenance.
Designed for All-Day Comfort The DX190W-7 includes comfort features and smart controls that help attract top operators.The cab offers more floorspace, automotive-style heating and air conditioning and excellent visibility through the front, side, rear and overhead windows. A rearview camera is standard, and an optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system is available. An optional heated/cooled seat can also be added.The multilingual Doosan Smart Touch display provides all important settings and information. Ergonomically designed joystick and fingertip controls offer easy, intuitive function for operators of all skill levels.
Main Pump: Displacement --
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Normal) 4,975 psi
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Boost) 5,200 psi
Main Pump: Max. Flow Rate (each) 52.83 gal/min
Main Pump: Main Relief Pressure --


Travel performance: Traction Force (Highest Value) 36382 lbf·ft
Travel performance: Traveling Speed - Low (XXX/) 11.2 rpm
Operating Weight 26,014 lbf
Standard Boom Length 2.17 mph
Standard Arm Length 21.75 mph
Standard Bucket Size 29° @ 58 %
Arm Digging Force - Pressure up 29' 8"
Bucket Digging Force - Pressure up 18' 9"
Arm Digging Force - Normal 22' 2"
Fuel Tank 20,952 lbf
Transmission 26,527 lbf
Hydraulic System 19,851 lbf
Noise Level: Guaranteed Sound Power Level 79.52 gal
Noise Level: Operator 54.16 gal


Rated Flywheel Power (Gross) 174.3 hp @ 1,900 rpm
Rated Horse Power (Net) 159.6 hp @ 1,900 rpm
Max. Torque (Net) 557 lbf·ft @ 1,400 rpm
Engine Emissions Tier (EPA) T4f


Wheel Base 46,187 lb
Shipping Height - Hose (With Attachment) 17.06 ft
Shipping Length (Without Attachment) 8.53 ft
Shipping Width (Standard) 1.05 yd³
Max Digging Reach (Ground) 29' 1"
Max Digging Depth 29' 1"
Max Loading Height 8' 3"

DX190W-7 Wheel Excavator

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