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Boring Unit

Easily install underground cables and flexible pipes with little or no damage to roads, sidewalks or other existing structures. The hydraulically powered attachment bores horizontally to accommodate pipe or cable up to 4 inches in diameter. Boring unit’s drive head can be operated from the center or either side of the loader for greater versatility near buildings and other obstacles

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 130 lb
Length 26.8 in
Width 36 in
Height 17.5 in
Maximum recommended boring distance 30 ft

Key Features

Boring Depth The attachment boars up to 2 feet deep and 30 feet horizontally.
Manual Guide Rod The manual guide rod aligns the bit at the proper angle to ensure accurate drilling, an ideal feature when working in tight spaces.
Three Positions The boring unit frame allows the drive head to be mounted on the front of the loader in three positions: on the center, right or left side. This allows the attachment to be positioned directly next to obstacles, such as buildings, and bore exactly where the operator desires.
Versatility The boring unit accommodates various sizes of bits, reamers and rock heads, allowing for maximum versatility and performance in a variety of environments.

Boring Unit

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