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Brush Saw

Cut away brush and clear small trees with the brush saw attachment (also known as a brush cutter). Quickly and conveniently remove small trees up to 15 feet tall without leaving stumps. Saw off trees flush with the ground or just below the surface. Replaceable carbide-tipped teeth. Three cutting angles for leading operational visibility

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 590 lb
Length 85 in
Width 48 in
Height 29.5 in
Number of Teeth 15
Tip Speed @ 22 gpm 3,256 ft/min
Degree of Angle Right or Left 12°
Cutting Wheel Diameter 28.5 in
Max. Wheel Tip Speed 2,985 ft/min

Key Features

High-Tensile Steel Blade Built for maximum durability, the high-tensile steel blade has replaceable weld-on carbide-tipped teeth.
High-Torque, Low-Speed Motor The high-torque motor Increases the efficiency of the saw while decreasing the possibility of stalling during cutting action.
Manual Three-Position Boom Angle View the attachment from up to three positions: center, or 12 degrees left or right. Choose the angle that provides the best cutting visibility.
Steel Deflector Shield The shield protects the operator and loader from flying debris, minimizing harm and costly machine maintenance.
Special Applications Kit The special applications kit must be installed on the loader when operating the brush saw attachment. This kit includes a polycarbonate door and windows to protect the machine and operator from debris.

Brush Saw

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