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Bucket Light Material – 98″

Built to bring out the best in your loader’s capabilities. Large capacity bucket features a high-back design and maximum roll-back with thick, sturdy side walls. Move heaps of low-density material with minimal spillage. Equipped with a level indicator for operator productivity and ease of use. Handle large volumes of snow, mulch, fertilizer, grain and more with precision and ease.

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 914 lb
Length 49.1 in
Width 98 in
Height 33.6 in
ISO Heaped Capacity 53.8 ft³
ISO Struck Capacity 41 ft³
Predrilled For Bolt-on Edges

Key Features

High Back Design With the high-back design, you’ll move greater volumes of material with less spillage.
Bolt-On Cutting Edge The high-carbon cutting edge provides longer life and durability to your loader’s bucket.
Excellent Visibility The 92-inch and 98-inch buckets feature see-through backs for greater visibility and precision when removing snow and other materials.
Bucket Sizes The light material bucket is available in six sizes range from 68-inches to 98-inches wide.
Cast-Mounting Frame The cast-mounting frame improves service life.
Waffle-Design Skid Plate The waffle-designed skid plate reinforces the cutting edge and adds strength to the bottom of the bucket for longer life with minimal additional weight.

Bucket Light Material – 98″

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