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Digger – 36″

Power and versatility to dig into any worksite. Mount to a loader to use for applications such as landscaping and moving greenery. Dig in both forward and reverse, adding versatility and jobsite productivity.

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 325 lb
Length 52.9 in
Width 45.4 in
Height 30.6 in
Dig Depth 48 in
Cutting Width of Digger 914.4 mm

Key Features

Dig Depths Built for versatility, the digger attachment features two maximum dig depths: 27 inches or 48 inches.
Two Digging Directions Designed for a variety of applications and maximum productivity, the digger attachment functions both in forward and reverse.
Multiple Widths To increase jobsite capabilities, the digger attachment is available in five widths, ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches.
Versatility Handy for a variety of applications, the digger attachment is a versatile tool. It’s excellent for working on jobs such as trenching and loosening hard-packed soil.

Digger – 36″

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