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Finish Mower – 3PT, 60″

Maintain a large lawn and get a professional, well-manicured result in less time. Rear discharge delivers even clipping distribution and maneuverability to cut close to trees and shrubs. High blade speeds leave a clean, smooth cut. Accessible maintenance points ensure years of quality service.

Compatible With:


Utility Work Machines

Key Specifications

Operating Weight 440 lb
Length 43 in
Width 62 in

Key Features

Three Cutting Blades Heavy-duty blades offer quality mowing of turf grass.
Universal Self-Balancing, 3-Point Hitch The mower follows the contours of your lawn to reduce scalping for an even, professional cut.
Effective Surface Design The surface inside the dumping hopper is flat and smooth, preventing materials from sticking when dumping a load.
Pre-Drilled Holes The bottom plate has pre-drilled holes to drain rainwater.

Finish Mower – 3PT, 60″

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