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Front Mount Snowblower – Compact Tractor, 72″

Clear heavy snow and deep snowdrifts with more control and a better view. Easily clear snow with power to move it where you want it. PTO-powered, two-stage blower with front-mount design. Hydraulically operated height adjustment and chute rotation.

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Key Specifications

Width 74.4 in
Height 21 in

Key Features

Front Mount Design The front mount design makes it easier to operate and improves your visibility to the work in front of you when clearing snow.
Adjustable skid shoes Depending on your surface, skid shoes can be lowered to scrape the pavement clean or raised to remove snow from uneven surfaces like gravel or dirt.
Reversible Cutting Edge The bolt-on, reversible cutting edge is designed to be replaceable to minimize your operating costs.

Front Mount Snowblower – Compact Tractor, 72″

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