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Landscape Rake – 5B

Give any worksite the perfect finish with the landscape rake attachment. Rake and collect surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil. Picks up most rocks ½ inch and smaller. When full, dump the collected debris for a completely clean finish.

Compatible With:


Utility Work Machines

Key Specifications

Operating Weight 1109 lb
Length 63.3 in
Width 66.6 in
Height 40.4 in
Number of Teeth (Total) 384
Working Width 60 in
Bucket Capacity 12.1 ft³
Number of Tooth Bars 12

Key Features

Hard Teeth For maximum uptime protection, the teeth are hardened to withstand more wear and tear when working in the soil, increasing the life of the attachment.
Rake Bars Deliver better leveling with longer ground contact. Individual rake bars are replaceable.
Side Skis Provide adjustable depth control, leaving only a slight, knife-edge mark in the finished surface.
Top Cover The top cover opens for easy dumping of collected material, leaving behind a cleaner finish.
Bob-Tach™ Mounting System The Bob-Tach™ mounting system makes easy work of attaching and detaching the landscape rake from the loader. Fast and easy mounting means spending less time on attachment changes and more time on the job.

Landscape Rake – 5B

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