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Sand and Salt Spreader – HS8

Compatible With:


Utility Work Machines

Key Specifications

Operating Weight 387 lb
Length 32.1 in
Width 54.4 in
Height 40.9 in
Hopper Capactiy 9.6 ft³
Spreading Pattern Min 18 ft
Spreading Pattern Max 28 ft
Speed Control Variable, Hydraulic
Motor Hydraulic
Spinner Wheel 18" diameter

Key Features

Hydraulic Control and Convenience The HS8 features an 8-cubic-foot hopper with the spread pattern controlled by a hydraulic motor and three flow gates that spread material from 18 feet to 28 feet.
Hopper Grate The hopper grate filters unwanted debris from the spread material.
Self-Loading Hopper The operator can use the hopper as a bucket, filling the spreader from a pile. Quickly and efficiently reload the spreading material into the hopper for big parking lot or road coverage jobs.
Sidewalk Kit (Optional) The sidewalk kit keeps material from being cast out of the bounds of the sidewalk; compresses spread pattern between 29 and 38 inches.

Sand and Salt Spreader – HS8

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