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Snow Blade – 72″

Compatible With:



Utility Work Machines

Key Specifications

Operating Weight 590 lb
Length 42 in
Width 72 in
Height 28 in
Cutting Edge (Steel) .375" x 6"
Cylinder Bore 2 in
Cylinder Rod 1.2 in
Cylinder Stroke 9.6 in
Working Width (Fully Angled) 63 in
Cylinders 2
Optional Rubber Cutting Edge 1" x 6"
Trip Springs 4
Degree of Angle Right or Left 30°

Key Features

Versatile Moldboard The moldboard angles as much as 30 degrees right or left up to 30 degrees for protection. Standard snow blades feature a trip moldboard and heavy-duty snow blades feature a trip edge.
Depth Shoes The long-lasting depth shoes are adjustable to match your conditions.
High-Carbon Steel Cutting Edge A high-carbon steel cutting edge is standard on the snow blade. Rubber and polyurethane edges also are available.

Snow Blade – 72″

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