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Snowblower – 26X48

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 672 lb
Length 48 in
Width 38.5 in
Intake Height 26.5 in
Fan Diameter 15 in
Auger Diameter 14 in
Discharge Chute Hydraulic
Discharge Chute Angle 270°
Throw Distance Up to 25'

Key Features

Increased Intake Height The redesigned snowblower attachment’s increased intake height and a larger auger draw in more snow for faster removal.
Rounded Intake The redesigned, rounded intake minimizes clogging and improves snow flow.
Aggressive Auger Teeth Aggressive auger teeth easily break up and tear through hard-packed snow and ice.
Reversible and Replaceable Wear Edge Designed for long life, the reversible and replaceable wear edge bites into hard ice and packed snow.
Adjustable Skid Shoes Adjustable side-mounted skid shoes allow operators to set the clearing depth to match the job.
Truck Loading Chute The truck loading chute allows the snowblower attachment to place snow high in a truck box for easier removal and hauling.

Snowblower – 26X48

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