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Reelmaster® 7000 121″ Cutting Width

The Toro® Reelmaster® 7000-D is equipped with a powerful 55 hp (41kW) Yanmar® diesel engine and a SmartCool™ temperature-activated, auto-reversing fan that automatically blows debris off the air intake screen to keep the engine cool. High-torque reel motors allow the Reelmaster 7000-D to power through tough scalping and verticutting jobs, resulting in high productivity. This product also features Toro’s industry leading EdgeSeries™ dual precision adjustment (DPA) cutting units. Available in 27 inch or 32 inch width. Optional standard air-ride suspension and an ergonomic control arm keeps operators comfortable and productive.




Blade Style

22 gal.

Fuel Capacity

Key Specifications

Powerful Yanmar® Diesel Engine The Reelmaster 7000-D is powered by a 55 hp (41kW) Yanmar® diesel engine that includes an exhaust after-treatment system that ensures machine emissions meet the EPA requirements and that your course can do its part for the environment.
SmartCool™ System with Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan. Blows chaff off intake screen to help reduce overheating. Big time saver which reduces that amount of times an operator has to stop and exit the unit to clean the back hood.
4-Wheel Drive The Reelmaster 7000 features a unique, parallel hydraulic traction system that assures full-time, bi-directional 4-wheel drive. Parallel hydraulic flow between front and rear wheels means that you will have 4-wheel drive assistance in turns, enabling easier trimming around objects without tire scuffing and dependable traction on hills and wet terrain. Optional 4WD Flow Divider Kit.
Increased Overlap Option By adding two 32" (81 cm) rear cutting units the overlap area can be increased to almost 6" (15 cm) thus eliminating the possibility of uncut grass in tight turns or on hillsides.
Simplified Maintenance Improved access to routine service points and service components, along with a robust machine design, results in less frequent maintenance intervals and less time is required to perform maintenance tasks.
Improved Operator Comfort All of the indicators and controls to operate the unit are conveniently located on the right armrest. Control console pivots back for right hand entry and exit. Tilt steering, deluxe suspension seat, improved visibility and lower operating noise enhance the operator experience and help to reduce fatigue.
EdgeSeries™ Reels Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels combine to deliver a consistent, high quality cut and superior after cut appearance, while reducing maintenance with improved reel edge retention.


Air Filter Dry, replaceable primary and safety elements.
Armrests Standard
Battery 12V
Bedknife Adjustment Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA), bedknife to reel.
Blade Style/Type Reel
Blade Type (Description) EdgeSeries™ DPA radial reels.
Cab Unit No
Clip Frequency/Backlapping Manually controlled, variable reel speed for control of clip frequency. Reel speeds are incrementally adjustable between 200 - 1,650 rpm with a backlap speed of 200 rpm.
Controls Ignition switch, LED headlight switch, hand-operated throttle, foot-operated traction pedal, joystick for cutting unit lift, mow/transport selector switch, lockable individual brake pedals, park brake.
Cooling System Description 9 row single pass cooler with tilt out for cleaning. Variable speed hydraulic fan drive with automatic (based on coolant and oil temps) and manual reversing capabilities. Rear-mount aluminum radiator (6 fins per inch, 9 quart (8.5 liters) capacity).
Cup Holder Standard
Cutting Unit Accessories Rear Roller Brush Kit, Universal Groomer, Broomer
Cutting Unit Lift/Lower Hydraulic - front and rear cutting unit lift/lower are sequenced for uniform starting and ending points.
Cutting Unit Type/Configuration Hydraulically driven, with adjustable rear weight transfer spring. Interchangeable to all positions with rear throw capability.
Drivetrain Diesel
Electrical System 12-volt, 650 CCA battery, 80 amp alternator. Overload protection with automotive type fuses.
Engine Cooling Liquid Cooled
Fuel / Power Source Diesel / Biodiesel
Fuel Capacity 22 U.S. gal. (83 L)
Fuel Filter Spin-on fuel filter.

Reelmaster® 7000 121″ Cutting Width

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